Have you ever met someone who claimed that being in a relationship helped them find their self-worth?

I can’t help but feel bad for people who rely on other people to give them the self-worth they desire. People can most definitely have positive effects on people and help them on their way I becoming a better person. From experience, I am definitely a believer in helping someone on that journey. However, I never want to hear people giving someone all of the credit for finding their self-worth. You should have self-worth before, during, and after each and every relationship you have in your life. Regardless of if a relationship ends, do not let a person tear away your self-worth. It is something that can be really hard for some people to understand, but it can so easily be taken away from each of us.

Please don’t just rely on your partner to build your self-worth.

It breaks my heart to hear people feel lowly about themselves because someone doesn’t find them attractive, someone doesn’t want to be with them, etc.

If you need a sign that you are beautiful and worth it, theb this is your sign. Don’t let someone’s ignorance stop you from obtaining and keeping your self-worth. If someone ever calls you ugly or any other demeaning words, they are not worth it.

Do not settle for less than what you deserve. Ever.


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